Federal Criminal Law

Federal Criminal Law

Charged with a federal crime or under federal investigation? Consult attorney Carlson today.

Federal Appeals

Federal Appeals

Attorney Carlson can help you challenge a ruling in federal court.



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Need to Challenge a Court Decision?

Attorney Carlson assists with federal appeals in Chicago, IL

Attorney Carlson Will Fight For You

Hire a trusted federal criminal attorney in Chicago, IL

Federal criminal charges are serious, and a conviction can have a big impact on your future. Don't risk losing your rights and freedom-consult a federal criminal defense attorney today. Kent R. Carlson & Associates PC handles federal criminal cases and federal criminal appeals in Chicago, IL.

Attorney Carlson represents clients who are the subject of federal grand jury investigations and who have been charged with crimes, such as violent crimes or white-collar crimes. He'll work with you one-on-one to build a robust defense. If you need to challenge a court decision, he can also assist you with your federal appeal. Call now to speak with a federal criminal defense attorney in Chicago, IL.

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Why retain Kent R. Carlson & Associates?

When you're fighting criminal charges, you need a criminal defense attorney you can rely on for formidable legal representation. Here are three reasons to retain Kent R. Carlson & Associates in Chicago, Illinois:

  1. Attorney Carlson has over 35 years of experience as a federal criminal defense attorney, and he's successfully resolved hundreds of federal criminal cases and federal criminal appeals.
  2. He offers personalized attention that you won't get at a large corporate law firm.
  3. He'll make your federal criminal case or federal appeal his top priority, and he'll work hard to achieve a favorable outcome.

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